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Language ramblings

J-girl's card came in the mail yesterday. Thanks! *hugs* BTW, I always wondered, what do Aussies decorate for Christmas, since there are no pine (as far as I know) in Australia? Plastic trees or eukalyptus? :)

I am waiting for my grades to be posted and I need to review topics for oral exam in Italian. Then I need to write a letter in German about the exchange, but that will have to wait until after Italian, because for some reason German and Romance languages don't agree in my head, and tend to mix up leaving me having to evaluate every word, which language it belongs to. Never had language mix-up problems except when I try to use German and Spanish or Italian within short period of time. Sometimes my brain glitches altogether and I start speaking a randomly selected language, regardless of what language the other person speaks. It happened four or five times in my life, two of them - in the las six months...
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