Anna (hellga) wrote,

Such a lazy weekend

I had so many plans for the weekend, but it was cold, and felt lazy, and all I did was put up and decorate Christmas tree, read and play old, old computer game. X-COM: The Terror from the Deep. From early 1990's, and still better than any new games. I got it back in the summer of 2004 when I felt nostalgic - my cousin and I used to play it back in 1996... I had this "old game" thing come upon me this fall too, and I got a hold of all those early 1990s games I used to play when dad would take me to work - Barbarian, Perestroika, The Lost Vikings. A little program called DOSBOX lets me play them all on my new Windows XP computer. Wonders of modern technology. :)
Tags: nostalgic, weather
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