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Philosophy of random little things

- I still don't like guests in my house. However much I might care for a person, I still prefer to meet on neutral territory. I guess, that's because my dwelling gives out way too much information about me, thus I only like people I really trust to come in, and only in small batches, so I can easily keep an eye on them.

- I got a new cell phone and service today, no longer pre-paid, so I will use my cell phone more now. I mainly got it because rotations will be coming up soon, and I will need a phone when I am away from home. It doesn't have all the features I would like, but that's OK. I always thought that newest things are overpriced. I will get what I want in a couple years when it becomes much cheaper. I remember time when a tri-band phone cost about $800, and now you can get one free with your contract or for just $30. The world is certainly changing. I don't like being stuck with paying $40 a month for two years, but that's life...

- I finally cleaned out my desk's top drawer and reorganized old school notes. I keep most of my notes, for at least a couple years before I throw them away. Some I probably will keep forever, even though I don't really use them, one never knows. Maybe when I move away, it will be a good time to be rid of them. Or when I take NAPLEX and can forget it all. It's not that I am sentimental, I just think that I might use it, though in reality I almost never do.
Tags: money, slaving away, speaking of myself
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