Anna (hellga) wrote,

Russian saying is, "how you meet the New Year, that's what it will be like". My parents and I were watching a movie and I screamed that it's 11:59 and we almost missed the New Year. Dad still managed to pour in champagne before it hit midnight, though. So it will be fast-paced and full of surprises, it looks like...

HOwever, gifts didn't turn out that well. The earrings I got are gorgeous (Swarovski crystal), and my dad found a perfume my mom loved back in the 1980s that was taken off the market and just returned this year, but the watch I got for my mom was too small for her hand so they will have to exchange it, and the massaging chair we got for my dad doesn't function and so will also have to be exchanged. Oh well, compared to how 2005 started, it's not bad at all.

On a rare political note, I can't stand Ukrainians who still want to be subsidised by Russia while screaming at all corners how bad and horrible we are. Why should be supply our gas to them at prices five times below market price? I remember when I spent a month in Ukraine, the people were outright horrible - whiny, lying entitlement bitches. I know there are some that are OK - my godfather is a Carpathian Ukrainian, and as good a man as they come, but they are few and far between. If I ever reach a high position in pharmaceutical industry, I shall remember to charge Ukraine triple prices on everything. There are quite a few countries I would, actually. I only feel bad that some of the Western countries might be harmed by the gas shut-off. Oh well, too many of them have anti-Russian sentiments and deserve it, and I have hard time remembering which country is nice.
Tags: losers, philosophical, really weird
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