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I pity poor Paul Brill. It must have taken him months, if not years, to paint the landscape which I copied into unrecognizability within the past 20 minutes. I haven't painted for at least 8 years, though watercolor used to be my favorite media...

In case you are wondering, that's part of my Italian homework.

In the other news, assignments and extra stuff is starting to pile up. However, today my friend and I were talking about future, and we both realized (in spite of the fact that she is 9 years older, married, and has a one-year-old son) that were are in no way ready to face the real world. It's refreshing that someone so obviously more adult than I am also wants to continue hiding behind thick walls of academia. All I have ever known is school. Nice, structured environment. Do what is expected of you (and all expectations are clear), and you will progress nicely. And in a year they are going to kick me out! Into the scary real world! *is scared* I am definitely not ready. Though they say, that after rotations you feel ready - if only because you start looking forward to being PAID for the same 8-hour days, 40-hour weeks...
Tags: friends, philosophical, real world, school
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