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The skit went very well, but overall my mood has been rather sour. Two possible reasons (a third, obvious one, might be simply having to get up at 8am) are my boots and my money. I had to take my black work boots to repair to have heels replaced today (I wore them through), so I had to wear other boots with my gray pants that didn't look nearly as nice with them, and when my shoes don't complement my look, I always feel out of it. The other reason is my talk with a financial officer yesterday. It sucks when you don't have money, but it also sucks when you have more than you need at the moment. I don't know much about it, so I discussed different types of accounts and opened a savings account and a CD, and now I am worried whether I put too much into CD. What if I have some unexpected expenses? It won't mature for 8 months, after all. Finally, the talk on travels and medicine I attended at the SAGH meeting today might have affected me. I got scared by all the infections I might be exposed to in Peru. I am almost ready to run and ask for every vaccine known to man, including ones I already had, just in case. Also there was a minor annoyance of my watch's battery dying, and I spend the whole day with unfunctional watch, it always unsettles me. It wasn't until 9 pm that I could swing by Wal-Mart on my way home for a new battery. On the good side, the weather is still gorgeous, and Ghirardelly chocolates are on sale at Walgreen's for $2/bag. With my discount, that's $1,70, which makes it incredibly good.
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