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I have always had trouble concentrating on and memorizing information I am not interested in. The problem is, oncology is not at all interesting to me, but I have to take exam in it Friday. Woe, woe is me. I remember what my dear cousin told me, when I informed him of my decision to go into healthcare. "Did you catch a brick on your head?" That's literal translation of what he said, and he knew what he was talking about, being in the last year of medical school at the time. What possessed me to go into discipline based on raw memorization, something I have hated since the very first school days?

P.S. Right before going to bed remembered about a travel collage for Italian. In the process of making it, got to quickly scan the photos of my travels in Germany and Austria in 2003. That cheered me up somewhat.
Tags: lazy arse, life sucks, school
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