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My dad has a prosthetic tooth broken, and he started looking at his dental insurance (which is also mine), and it seems like the plan is not what we expected it to be. That means the doctor I was going to go to is not included... Need to straighten that out...

Now, a short meme before I return to working on the micafungin monograph.

7 Things that Make Me Happy
1. winning
2. seeing beautiful things - like jewelry, paintings, cloud pattern on the sky, flowers, etc.
3. my friends and family being happy
4. lucky moments - from picking the faster moving lane in traffic to winning a scholarship
5. being with the people I like
6. liking myself in the mirror
7. being able do what I want rather than what I have to

7 Things that Piss Me Off
1. People who don't want to learn about anything beyond their immediate surroundings
2. People with no manners, including entitlement bitches, poor white trash and multiple other varieties
3. Idiots in every shape and form
4. Getting up early in the morning
5. Having to lie and pretend and generally not be sincere. I do it, and do it well, but I don't have to like it.
6. Someone intentionally hurting someone or something (people breaking dishes on purpose, for example, people and animals at least can defend themselves) without a darn good reason.
7. Loosing in any kind of contest... I take loosing at games I play with friends easy, but loosing an election, a scholarship, an internship always makes me want to scream my lungs out.

7 Folks Who I'm Tagging
1. my twin
2. culurien
3. jocelyncs
4. ekwy
5. nenya_kanadka
6. luhtarian
7. thefil04

And anyone else who wants to.

BTW my friend and co-worker told me today at school that she will give her two-weeks notice today... I wonder with whom I will work Friday nights for the next two months...

Off to do some work now. I am such a procrastinator sometimes... though I have the excuse of the Olympics and an exam and two seminars and two case work-ups in between getting the assignment and this day...
Tags: lazy arse, meme
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