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We performed neurologic exams on each other in lab today, and I volunteered to be the patient in my group. They determined I was alive and conscious, if somewhat lacking in higher mental function, inspite of the fact that it was merely 9am and I was not feeling anywhere close to alive.

Monograph is almost done. All I need is to critique two studies on the basis of bias, statistical methods and generalizability. Should be done in about an hour. And tomorrow I don't have to get up until 9:30, which is a welcome change from 7am.

The most amusing part of my day was right before the Italian midterm. I am the only "old" one in the group now, the rest are all freshmen and sophomores, whereas I am 14 months away from doctor of pharmacy degree... And it's funny how they didn't do their homework because the professor forgot to write it down on the board last time. Thus they assumed they didn't have to do it, even though the syllabus explicitly states that lab should be turned in the beginning of each exam. I laughed long and hard. The only bad thing is, they got away with it and were permitted to turn it in on Thursday instead. Not a good way to prepare students for the future. In grad school, you are 20 minutes late - and no one is taking your paper... And no one reminds you of anything either. Here is the syllabus, here go off it. No one even tells us when or where the labs are, we are supposed to remember to look up the time the night before... and find the place when we get there. After all, there are only five or so possibilities...
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