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Quick recap of the last few days: weather turned cold Friday, which I less than appreciated. The good thing is, Spring Break is only a week away, and I plan to catch up on my sleep (if you think that's pathetic, wait until you get to professional school... besides, I am going to travel for 6 months out of the next 14, and I am not made of money). A Russian movie, Night Watch, came to Omaha (I am amazed!) so I am planning on seeing it tomorrow... Finally, a couple bigger bits from the last days of the week.

A story with a moral
Guess what? It pays to be nice and well-mannered. On Friday, around 6pm I get a call from a lady who just moved from out of state and got a new insurance. She said that another Walgreen's was having trouble processing her insurance, and we needed to call for the member number, and asked whether we can do that. We were caught up, so I said yes. SEVEN phone calls later I had it fixed, because I had to call four different insurance number and I had to call her back. It took me about 40 minutes (I was lucky with not having to wait on hold - I usually am luckier than most people in calling insurance and the like) and a bit of imagination. Would I have bothered doing all this if she came up to the counter and started yelling about her meds not being done? Of course not. I would have called the first number, and told her that she isn't in the system yet and needs to contact her benefits person at work. Then I would have wished her a nice evening in a steely voice and turned to the next person, thus effectively ending further attempts at conversation. For people who are adequate and nice, I am fully willing to go an extra mile, or a hundred.

A story of shoes
I bought a new pair of boots a couple days ago, on sale. They are pretty, and they fit well. However, while trying on shoes I noticed a pair of Cole Haan's... the leather quality was astonishing. I don't think I have ever felt leather this good in boots or shoes... in gloves, yes, and in really expensive purses... The price tag even on the huge sale was over $100, but I probably would have bought them had I managed to fit into them - they were a size too small. It's just that I can still remember how nice that leather felt... One day I will earn enough to buy stuff like that, before it's marked 75% off and all the size 9 is long gone (it's so common, it never gets to sale!).
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