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Life full of troubles

The hives still aren't going away. Maybe I will see a doctor tomorrow. THis semester I learned just enough about skin infections and autoimmune disorders (all incurable) to be scared to death.

And on an unrelated but no more pleasant note, I hate being poor. Well, I am not poor poor, I have a roof over my head and food on my table, and a car, and even such excesses as expensive jewelry and a laptop with tons of functions I don't even use, and this is a second year in a row I am traveling overseas, but it is using up just about everyting I have. I like saving some money for the times money is getting tight. Such as now. I am thinking of not repairing my car because I don't have the $500 to pay the deductible. After all, no one has died from driving a dented car. It's a pity it is a brand-new car, so I think it deserves being repaired. I am at loss. Maybe when I get loan checks in September... Or maybe I will win something at the casino. I want to go to casino for my birthday.

Name: Anna
DOB: June 28th, 1983
Making you HOW old?: 20, almost 21
Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Sorry, just e-mailing all that to the FBI. Here are some proper questions
Are you a student of some kind?: yes, second year pharmacy student
Are you in a job instead/as well?: yes, I am a pharmacist intern at Walgreen's
Or do you just sit around doing fuck-all, like Lord or Lady Muck?: Never. I love money too much, and I would get bored quickly too.
So, for clarification, what's your day-to-day purpose?: Preparing to conquer the world.
Do you expect to still be doing that in the future?: Nope, I am going to conquer it eventually.
If not, why not and what instead?: I want to accomplish something. And be mentioned in history textbooks.
Is that because you're a vile money-grabber, or is it a vocation?: No, because I am an evil power-obsessed monster pretending to be a nice girl with big innocent brown eyes
What do you spend your money on?: Jewelry, of course. You mean, there is something else worth buying?
I'll be sending this all to market research, is that OK?: Yes, and mention to them that jewelry sold in US is of very inferior quality.
What's your favourite word at the moment?: sucketh
Use it in a sentence.: Life sucketh mightily at the moment.
True or false: The secret of comedy is repeating catchphrases.: Don't know, don't care.
If you said false, then why do people still fucking do it?: See above.
wHy Do PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs?: Because they are morons with intelligence far inferior to that of my shoes.
An lyk dis?: Because they stand somewhere between a cyanobacterium and an amoeba on the evolutionary ladder?
True or false: My grammar fascism is worse than people's bad grammar.: False, of course.
Do you laugh at other peoples' misfortune?: Only when I am the cause of said misfortune. Which is rarely. But when I do set on making people miserable, oh boy, do I enjoy it.
Do you agree that it's hypocritical for people to deny you that pleasure?: I really don't care about other people's feeble attempts to stand between me and my goals. They will be crushed.
I'm 25. Yesterday I stared out a 14-year-old. Is that wrong?: Yes, just think how much your 11 year coma depleted healthcare funds.
He started it though, is that an excuse or am I still pathetic?: You are pathetic by definition.
But he was wearing a Von Dutch trucker's cap, so am I in the clear now?: So what?
Have I gone down in your estimation?: It would be physically impossible.
Is that because I had no further to fall?: Of course.
Loathing is a natural human reflex, just remember that.
Which celebrity would you most gladly shoot?: Harrison Ford.
If you only wounded them first time round, would you finish them off?: With pleasure.
Which celebrity(/ies) do you want to have all the sex with?: George Clooney, though he is a bit too old.
How much would you pay to make it happen?: I resent the word "pay".
Would you wait five years if it meant the price would drop?: See above.
Do you long to be famous?: Yes. I want to be in history textbooks, and have a funeral with orchestra and fireworks.
If yes, for what?: For being evil, powerful genius.
If no, why not you fucking pussy?: I said yes.
If money were no object...
Where would you live?: Russia, more specifically the Urals. All other places aren't worht my exalted presence.
What three luxury items would you buy?: A castle. The biggest emerald in the world to make a statue of my cat out of it. The government of a major country.
Don't shit it, you can have more than three. Who would you give money to?: My friends and those of my relatives who I actually like.
Would you employ staff to do really menial tasks?: Of course. Ihate being up to my elbows in soapy water.
Such as what? Cleaning, cooking, gardening, driving, etc.
Frankly, thinking of headings is the difficult bit.
Which one event in world history would you like to reverse?: None, really. I like this world the way it is, and my place in it.
This is 2004. What past era would you like to be in?: Maybe the 1910 if I were the same age I am now. Though I think my lifetime will be no less interesting than the first half of the 20th century.
The future, then. What innovations do you want to see?: Cure for the diseases that are incurable today.
And developments on the world stage? Anything?: Me being the Empress of the World, which would be all united with Russia as the metropoly and the rest as colonies?
By the year 3000, will Busted's seventh album have gone triple-platinum?: Never heard of them, and by the year 3000 no one will have.
Big fucking whoop if it did, that's about 3000 copies a year.
Talking of music, name a few acts you like.: Not you, definitely.
What song is going through your head mostly these days?: None. My head belongs to me, not some stupid songs.
Name a few acts you dislike.: None.
From the past, who is seriously overrated?: Napoleon.
Mark Chapman: Who is he?
Discuss.: Discuss what?
Who's your all-time favourite band?: None
Would it seem abrupt if I ended this right now?: Yes, but considering the quality of questions, hardly unexpected.

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