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I went shoe shopping with a friend, who doesn't wear skirts or heels often, and so asked for my help picking brown sandals to go with her new jean skirt. I didn't buy anything, but I still had a ton of fun trying on really hideous shoes. I have always loved trying on shoes which I would never be seen wearing in public - like golden strappy sandals with 6-inch heel, or hideous yellow-greenish velvety shoe with gaudy glass decoration, which looked like an innocent chair was killed so it's upholstery could be used to make this shoe.

Name 3 things that made you smile today.
1. Hideously ugly shoes I tried on today.
2. Rum Truffle chocolate ball from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Worth every cent of $1.95 I paid for it.
3. Sarah & Lisa though they are people rather than things.

What world record would you most want to break or establish? I really don't care for a record...

Are you usually early, on time, or late? I hate being late, hence I am almost always on time. On those rare occasions that I am a couple minutes late, it is a very big clue that I really didn't want to come at all, and it took all my willpower to make me show up.

If there was one day you go do over again, what would it be? None really.

If there is one day that you'd like to figure out what you did right & repeat it, what would it be? I always know what I do right, if I do...

What is your favorite word or phrase? I don't really have one.

What word or phrase can you not stand to hear? It depends on who would be saying it...

Is there a person from your past you would like to talk to again, even if it would be a potentially painful conversation? No. Past is past, what's the point bringing it up?

What is your favorite sound to hear? I like many sounds... cheerful upbead music, insects buzzing on a hot summer day, waterfall, logs creaking in the fire, the list goes on.

If you could live in any era of time, what would you choose and why? Now is a good time, interesting and more comfortable than any previuos time. 18th century would have been nice too, such a beautiful era, and all the excesses of rococo... Or the beginning on 20th century, time of great turmoil, when fortunes were made and lost in a forthnight...

What are you most self-conscious about? My appearance when I KNOW something is wrong. Like the time I forgot that the shoes I had for indoors were white and wore black hose... that was embarassing.

What is the best remedy for the common cold? Sleep. Lots of sleep.

What is the best way to stay healthy? I can't answer in less than a paragraph, thus I won't.

What was your favorite toy as a child? Not sure. Possibly the plastic white mouse I have on one of my shelves, with an ear that looks like I chewed on it...

What is your favorite toy now that you're "grown up"? My laptop and my jewelry box.

What is the most dangerous toy you had growing up? I don't recall having dangerous toys...

What is the most dangerous toy you have now? My car?

What one toy do you wish you had/have? That really expensive emerald bracelet I saw some 9 years ago...

If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it? Relax in a chair with a glass of good wine, turning my face to the sun and closing my eyes.

Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you know all of your neighbors by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business? I don't care, as long as names and basic facts are all. I wouldn't want to live somewhere people gossip about your comings and goings, or something like that. I am a big city person, after all.

What was your first car and what was it like? A grey 1987 Buick Century. I loved that car, but it died in my care. *weeps*

How old were you when you got your first traffic ticket and what happened? 21, "Following Too Closely" when the car in front of me stopped suddenly and I rear-ended it because I couldn't stop on the slick road.

What is your favorite car story, be it an accident, road trip, etc? I just started driving, I was 17 years old, and I got a blown tire. I didn't know what was going on, the road was gravel and the car was making this awful noise, I was scared to death that it was the engine and it's going to burn... When I stopped and got out of the car and saw it was just a tire, I felt a wave of relief and called my father who was home that day, so he came and changed it for me.

Do you give blood? Why/why not? No. I have been told not to play with my blood when I was younger because of intraocular blood pressure, so I decided not to risk. I volunteered at a lot of blood drives to compensate, though.

Are you listed as an organ doner? No. I want my body go into the grave whole, and I wouldn't want anything transplanted into me either.

Would you donate an organ or other part of your body (eg bone marrow) while still alive? Oh no.

What is one word that you would use to define yourself? Observer.

If you were a t-shirt, what would you say? I have no idea.

If your house caught on fire and was burning to the ground...what is the one thing you'd save and why? Important financial documents.

Someone presents you with a working voodoo doll. Do you use it? Maybe. I don't have anyone I hate at the moment, but I could save it for when/if I do.

What is the creepiest everyday object you know? Some of the things that we have in the labs around the college. I don't even want to know what they are and what they do.

What's the most useful everyday item? A watch. Or for me personally, glasses.

What's the most useless everday item? I don't know. I don't have useless things in my house, so it's hard to think of them.

If the power was out for 24 hours, what would you do? Sleep, go for a walk, eat, read in daylight, take a bath with candlelight, talk to my friends, daydream, go to the park - there is a million possibilities.

Do you have a lucky charm? My silver necklace I had since 6th grade.

If you discovered a country (or a new island, etc), what would you name it? I don't know. Depends on the impression it would make.

What's the silliest thing you do to make yourself feel better? Play Solitaire. Eat chocolate. Daydream.

Do you walk under or around ladders? Whichever is shorter/more convenient way. Around more often than not simply because I am too tall to walk under them.

Do you avoid black cats? I love cats, and black are no exception. They are just as nice and fluffy ang huggable as any other.

Do whistle when you pass a cemetary? I don't ever whistle.

If you spill salt, do you throw a pinch of it over your left shoulder? Hell no. Then I would have to clean it up!

Do you avoid opening an umbrella indoors? No, I dry it open. That's silly.

Do you knock on wood to bring good luck? More to avoid bad luck. When no wood is handy, my head substitutes.

If you’re given a horseshoe, would you hang it with with the curved side down or up? I think up, but I don't remember how you are supposed to - I know we had it over the door of the country house, but I don't remember which way it was hanging.

Do you cross your fingers for luck? No.

What's your favorite photograph? I have a lot of the favorite ones. Most of them don't have me on them.

Have you ever felt like you've lost your mind? Of course, plenty of time.

Do you trust your instincts? I try to, but unfortunately I have been corrupted by the formal education system.

Get up and go or plan, plan, plan? Either, depends on my mood.

Do you ask for directions when you are lost or do you keep on going? I don't recall being lost in a very long time, and I have always been able to figure out my way, but I ask when I need to. Like when I had no idea where I could buy an electric tea kettle in Braunschweig, I asked a little old lady - and she explained where the store would be.

Do you play drinking games? Which ones? Are you any good at them? I don't generally play drinking games.

What would you like to be remembered for? Achieving something, living an interesting life.

If you could rid yourself of either physcial pain or emotional pain for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? Neither, because I don't feel either very much, and also physical pain is a protective mechanism. Believe me, life sucks for people who can't feel pain. I can't feel paper cuts on my fingers a lot of the time, so I don't know I am bleeding until I see blood on the papers. Emotional pain probably also has a similar role.

Do you wait patiently for the cereal prize to tumble out of the box or do you start digging the moment the box is opened? I don't buy that kind of cereals, and I don't care for that kind of prizes..

Are you more likely to slow dance or participate in the chicken dance? Slow dance, if I have someone to dance with.

Is there a person you tell (or at least *can* tell) everything to? Everything? I couldn't ever tell someone everything, it would make me terribly uncomfortable. But I can tell my dad anything.

Who/what can you rely on to never change and always be there? People change. That's life.

Do you believe in magic? Why or why not? Yes. Because I have experienced things that are hard to explain. But magic the way I understand it has nothing to do with magic of spells and the like from children's books, etc.

What is your favorite board game? I like many, but I don't particularly love any of them.

What card games do you like to play? Depends on the mood, but I like all the ones where you don't have to think extensively. The slow ones bore me.

What is your favorite outdoor game? Volleyball?

What is your favorite sport to watch? Who do you root for? Biathlon. I root for everyone with a Russian flag on them, and also Ole-Einar Bjoerndalen, Sven Fischer, Frode Andresen and Ricco Gross among men and Uschi Disl among women.

What is your favorite TV game show? I like Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Jeopardy.

Name a trait you inherited from your mother, and one you inherited from your father. Physically, my mom's face and my dad's eyes. Otherwise, my mom's ambitiousness and my dad's calmness. Intelligence from both of them. :p

When sick, do you prefer to be pampered OR left alone? Left alone.

Do you believe in the relative OR the absolute truth? I have seen too many slimy shades of gray to believe in black-and-white world.

If you could have two front-fow tickets to see any singer or band, whose concert would you attend? My favorites don't tour anymore. I dont' care, as long as it's a rock band and they sing something cheerful.

If you could pick one song to represent your life (your past, your present, or what you hope for the future), what would it be? I don't have one.

Do you have a song that never fails to cheer you up? What is it and why does it do that for you? There are several, and they have upbeat music and silly lyrics.

Answer the following questions with song lyrics. Describe: I will pass on that. Besides, it's not in English most of the time.
1. How you feel about yourself.
2. How you think your friends view you.
3. Your family.
4. Your romantic/sex life.
5. Your current state of mind.

What's a song you'd enjoy screaming along to as you drove down the highway? None. I don't scream, it gives my voice nasty screechy notes.

What is the one book that you reread over and over again? I have reread all my favorite books many times.

Do you usually buy your books or visit the library? Depends. Now usually the library, or I read them online.

Who is your favourite author? I don't have one.

What book have you read that you absolutely hated? Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, Na Dne by Gorky.

If you could be any character in literature, who would you be? I wouldn't.

If you were a book...would you read yourself? Yes. My dreams are very interesting, and also people seem to like to talk to me for a long time, so I think I would make an interesting book.

What color ink pen do you like best? I don't care.

Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)? Doesn't matter.

Do you prefer writing things out longhand or typing them directly onto the computer? Doesn't matter.

What's the one movie you've seen more times than any other? Irony of Fortune.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Don't have one.
What's your favorite line out of the whole movie?
Who's your favorite character from this movie?
What scene do you love the most?

What are your five favorite all time TV shows? I don't watch TV.

What cartoon do you enjoy watching from the present (or the past)? I liked the Rescue Rangers when I was little... a lot of Russian cartoons, the names won't tell you anything.

What food would you love to attack someone with? I would never waste food in that manner. Besides, it's just gross.

What are you three favorite flavors of ice cream?
1. Vanilla with raisins
2. Cherry
3. Raspberry

What is your favorite comfort food? Depends on my mood.

Are there foods/recipes you wouldn't eat as a child that you now regularly enjoy? No, my tastes are pretty much the same.

What are your five favorite desserts?
1. Tiramisu
2. Eclairs
3. Napoleon
4. Chocolate sausage
5. Chocolate

Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? Would you try them? Never tried them, I would need to know more about them to answer about trying them.

When you can't sleep, do you lie in bed anyway or get up and do something? I stay in bed, but I always fall asleep within an hour, and I can count on fingers how many times it took me more than five or ten minutes.

What do you wear to bed? Nightgow, usually.

What side of the bed do you sleep on? Closer to the edge than to the wall, but it depends.

Blanket/bed hog? Yes.

Do you make your bed everyday? Yes.

What was the last dream that you had about? I can't remember. Something crazy and surrealistic again, probably.

Does it hold any significant meaning to you? Huh?

Do you dream in color or black and white? Color.

What is the most frightening dream you ever had? I have never had a frightening dream.

Is there one dream that stays clear in your mind despite the fact it was more than a few years ago? Some stay in my memory though a bit fuzzy.

How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed? None. Alarm goes off - I start getting up. What's the point? If I set it for this time, it means I need to get up at this time. I always wake up several minutes before alarm anyways.

How many hours of sleep do you average per night? Around 5-7 on weekdays, around 9 on weekends.

Are you an early bird OR a night owl? Night owl.

Has a dream ever affected your conscious decisions (ex: caused you to change careers)? No, but sometimes they give me ideas, like what to wear or what I would like to eat.

Do you dream in color? In sound? In color, and sound, and full tactile sensation.

Has a dream ever given you insight into your personality or into a particular problem or issue you were dealing with? Yes.

First time you cooked for someone else? I was about 12.
First time you threw up in someone else's toilet? Never.
First time you did anything illegal? I am sure I have violated a lot of rules as a child. And as an adult - of course.

When was the last time...
... you cried? I don't remember.
... you laughed your heart out? I don't remember.
... you finished reading a book? Again, I don't remember. See, my memories tend to be organized by place rather than time, so I tend to remember what something happened, but I can't remember when it happened and whether something like that happened since.
... you did something kind for a stranger? I do kind things to strangers at work all the time, even things I am NOT paid to do.
... you did something kind for a friend? Today.

From your vantage point in front of the computer, you spy, with your little eye...
Something that is red: My own bathrobe, my window drapes, vase on the shelf, bookcovers and binders.
Something that is shiny: My stainless steel lamp. A lot of the figurines on my shelves.
Something that is ugly: I don't have things I consider ugly anywhere close to me.
Something that is made of wood: My desk and my shelves.
Something that is sharp: My pencils, my paper knife.

That took an entire hour!
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