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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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For now I know that at least three of the six "link check" e-mails went through, and I got the replies back. Maybe glitch is over.

I had unpleasant experience blind-sailing today. I can't call driving in high wind and very strong rain anything else - the road looked more like a river, every passing car causing a wave that would cover my car, and with the rain pouring over the windshield, I could barely see anything. Visibility was about 20 meters for the cars ahead, and about 40 for traffic lights. I was driving very, very slowly, it took me almost twice the usual time to get home. My car looked like it just came out of the wash, though, that's the only positive thing.

Just as I got home, tornado sirens went off. I looked outside, and the greenish tint to the sky and the wind howling yet trees in the yard being perfectly still convinced me that it was for real. I went down into the basement with a blanket, a passport and an Harry Potter book, and watched TV for weather report. We are lucky with the lake about 1 km north sparing us the worst of the storms... Hail wasn't too big here, and there wasn't a tornado. There were three seen in the county, though, one right in the center of the city. A lot of people are without power and there were broken trees and an overturned semi blocking a lot of roads. Only one person was injured in the storm, and lightly, so that's good. I am grateful that my family, our house, our trees and our cars all survived the storm unscathed.

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Good to hear you all got through unharmed. :o)

I sure am too. Some of my classmates had their fences downed, trees damaged, car windows blown out, etc.

I'd wondered how you were when I saw the reports. Glad you're okay.


Yes, green-tinted clouds -- definite cause for caution.

Hurray for basements! That's the one thing I really miss in this country home.

Hugs, brownies, and blessings,

Thanks :) I guess it's part of living in Nebraska. I wonder why people continue living in places like that - not like the Ural Mountains where I come from, where the only natural disaster that can happen is a flood, but even that is a very remote possibility if you build on a high ground and take care of the dam.

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