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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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When I went into the castle, I decided to pretend to be a castle ghost, and thus my face is dead serious (somehow, "solemn" is something my face has always stubbornly refused to do).

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And this is me in my truer ghost self (it's not photoshop, it's my mom - apparently her passion for abstract art turns photos into this).

Image hosting by Photobucket

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(got rid of the "morbidly curious", I see... ;o) *g*)

what surprised me was exactly this:
without make-up or glasses, dressed like a homeless bum

Now let's get one thing straight right at the beginning:
You don't look like a "homeless bum". :op
Not even close to it.

I just thought you wouldn't post a pic like that - for the "no make-up and looking like a homeless bum" reason.
I'm glad you did though, because you proofed my theory that you (like many other women) look even better without make-up. :op

I edit my entries a lot. My hands are faster than my brain, apparently. And I do not hide my silly side (except at work... because pharmacists are supposed to be serious and professional). :) Though I couldn't quite bring mysef to post Hamster-Hellga (the third picture of the series, where I smile so my cheeks are like a hamster's) :)

Make-up is a good thing, it's just that most girls terribly overuse it. Used wisely it's barely noticeable and enhances the features instead of hiding them.

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