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My DNA report. Interesting.

Tomorrow is a pretty bad exam, made worse by the fact that I have no idea what I am supposed to know. I will definitely review statistics part again, and the types of studies and the math part. What else, I have no idea.

Even worse news, our therapeutics final on the 24th, the very last exam of our careers as pharmacy students, is going to start at 7 am. I AM NOT EVEN FUNCTIONAL AT 7 AM! I have hard time putting two words together, it takes me twice as long to figure out the simplest things, such as 2X2=4. No way. I will talk to my professor tomorrow to see if there is a way to do something about it (I know the won't let me take it at another time, but at least come at 8. I know I don't need 4 hours to write that stupid exam.

Off to study. The only good thing about today was a bowl of tiramisu-flavored Italian ice-cream I got from the cafe that just opened.
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