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Second update in just one day... Still, I have to post this as a reminder to myself and all my friends. "Be very careful of what you wish for, your wishes may come true." In my case, I need to learn to be very specific. I prayed that I should win the lottery because I am very worried that my travel-filled year will kill my budget. OK, I did win the lottery. How much did I win? $7. That's because I said that I don't need the big $38 million prize, I am willing to settle for a couple thousand dollars or anything he deems I deserve. Apparently my greedy little soul is worth $7. There are a million more examples like that in my life. I need to learn to be very specific when formulating my wishes... the fortune teller many years ago said that all my wishes will come true, should I apply the least effort. They do come true, but usually not in the way I intend. At least it's all in good humor... and I didn't get the smallest prize ever. :D Just the third-smallest. :D
Tags: money, really weird, ze funnies
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