Anna (hellga) wrote,

Thinking out loud

I am starting to get slightly nervous about my travels - I always do before a long trip... I need to start thinking of what I need to pack. And figure out how I am going to manage dragging two suicases, a carry-on bag and my handbag all at the same time.

Last time I had to do it only for 50 meters at the most, this time - across half the Munich. I think I will use the luggage storage facility within the airport and stick my travel suitcase there and my carry-on, go drop off the stay-there suitcase, return to the airport, get the rest of my luggage, and go to the hostel. It will be eaiser than trying to pretend to be a walking luggage rack. It was funny to walk with a suitcase in the left hand and right hand, a bag hanging in front and another hanging in the bag and carry documents in the teeth in the airport in my hometown, but I don't think I want to do it over a long distance. At least I think I have figured it out now. I should buy a one-day travel card for Munich... the hostel is close enough to the train station that I don't need one for the next day when I will be leaving for innsbruck. I am sure I can walk 800 m rolling a suitcase, otherwise I have no business travelling, period.

At least everything is prepared for my next rotation with a couple minor details left for when I come back.
Tags: travels
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