Anna (hellga) wrote,

Since it looks like I have found internet cafe reasonably cheap and close to the hotel, I will write a short summary of my travels.

1) I have no luck with American Airlines. Their planes are always late when I am flying.

2) It was freezing cold in Munich when I arrived there, but it has been very nice weather-wise ever since. In Innsbruck it was cool at first but quickly warmed up, in Venice it was just perfect - warm with fresh breeze and the overwhelming smell of roses around my hotel, and in Salzburg it's simply hot during the day (rather cool at night, though).

3) Best thing about Innsbruck: gorgeous mountains. Otherwise, it also has Swarowski shop and museum, and also museum that made me interested in the persona of the Emperor Maximilian. And of course, the people. *hugs Treebs, Tethra, Misty and Mereth*.

4) Best thing about Venice: it's so incredibly relaxing. While I did go to San Marco and the Doge's Palace I just didn't feel like going to museums or shops, just wandering aimlessly in the streets, eating the best ice cream I have ever had, riding the vaporetto there and back...

5) Best thing about Salzburg: the chocolates. Overall, this is a very dangerous city for me - it is full of shops full of everything I have ever liked. There are chocolate shops, jewelry shops and shoe shops at every corner. And also book shops and even a glove shop (I love gloves... the only reason I didn't buy any is that the sale bin seemed to have all the size 6 and 6.5 and I need size 7.5). I have also walked a lot to burn off all those chocolates. My feet hurt.

General observation: unlike the last time, I don't feel that I am travelling. I feel that I am just going to a place where I haven't been before but which is pretty close to home and rather famililar. Must be that ever since I revisited my hometown and realized that I am just as alien there now as I am anywhere else, and nothing but memories and old friends is there, I feel equally at home anywhere I am. Or maybe that's just a state one achieves after one travels a lot... I don't know.

Tomorrow I am continuing on to Vienna. :)
Tags: food, friends, happiness exists, travels
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