Anna (hellga) wrote,

Interesting day today.

It started with my hair dryer starting to spark so I had to unplug it and use the travel one my mom just bought. I've learned it can work on 220V too, so I can take it to Peru for my rotation! Though my mom said she might bring me one from Russia, for 220V and with European plug.

Then I had a few interesting clinical cases today to brighten my day - getting to devise a regimen for H. pylori infection (that's easy), trying to figure out how can someone have macrocytosis but no anemia (his hemoglobin was high!) - the attending and I spent some 35 minutes looking at the labs - I am amazed how much he knows, and finally, the question I am researching at home right now - how does one treat Corynebacterium urealyticum UTI. I am leaning towards recommending vanco, but I would suggest a culture. After all, not all antibiotics get sufficient levels in the urine, and there is some 30% susceptibility to beta-lactams and macrolides.

Last but not the least, my interview shoes came in the mail.
These ones

Comfortable like slippers.
Tags: pharmacy tales, rotations, shoes, smarts, обувь
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