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*hangs head in shame*

I feel very embarassed. I fell asleep at a meeting yesterday, and I fell asleep in a meeting today. Why the heck did they need to schedule important meetings in the first days of my rotation, when I am still mostly on Arizona time, I haven't slept properly in days, and can't keep awake to save my life? Not only it was pretty bad for myself (I hope I can rehabilitate myself enough by the end of this rotation so my grade doesn't suffer), it also reflected on my preceptor, and she is such a nice lady.

She sent me home today saying I should get rest and then show up the rest of my rotation ready to give 100%. I will try to, but I don't know whether I will be able to control my "fall asleep for 10 minutes" spells I have had for years - whenever I just sit and don't do anything such as talk/type/any other activity. This is bad. Maybe it's a good sign though, that if a bad thing happens during this rotation, I will be lucky in December with my interviews. I am holding my fingers crossed...
Tags: i am a moron, too tired to live
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