Anna (hellga) wrote,


Once in a blue moon Hellga has two posts on the same day. Today, the second post marks a most admirable occasion - I have finished the epic project of sorting and organizing my jewelry. However laborous was the process, however joyous the occasion, the end result is me feeling a little forlorn. I own between 42 pairs of earrings (not counting two pairs of clip-ons, silly ones like black-cat ones for Halloween, etc. and those that are broken - some 5-6 pairs). I was sure I would reach at least 50... I didn't count pendants and rings and beads and bracelets and so on because I never was attached to them as much and never made a point of collectin them. Earrings I specifically collect. Anyway, I was glad to see I still remember each piece - where and when I got it, who gave it to me/who I bought it from, and what was the occasion. They are like my babies... I can relate to the description of the dragons who cannot rattle off a list of items in their hoard but will notice immediately if something is missing. :D
Tags: jewelry, speaking of myself
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