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I think I have regained focus and clarity of thought. The downside? I think it's because extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation (try sleeping 5 hours a night average for a month, with last few days being mostly 3-4 hours and constant stress) left my brain incapable of handling more than one thought at any given moment. I am getting headachy in the mornings, though, because of that. At least, I have only three more days of this torture left... Not that I don't like ICU - I have learned a lot, but I am just so tired all the time... I literally cannot last through the rounds, as I start swaying and have to lean on a wall or sit down. I would be miserable working in a hospital, yet I keep getting all those recruiter e-mails about hospital job openings. *eyeroll*

As far as my future, I have narrowed my list down to five programs: BMS & Ortho-McNeil (the ones I really want), Purdue (the one I also like very much), Lilly and Procter & Gamble. Let's see how this plays out.

Also, Christmas cards are all written, the overseas ones will go in tomorrow's mail, the US ones Friday or Saturday (so they don't arrive way too early).

To Do list:

- e-mail the four people who will be/are writing my recommendation letters with further details/reminders (TODAY)
- send thank-you notes to these very nice people (end of this week-early next week)
- send out US cards (Friday)
- tigecycline presentation (BY THURSDAY, better yet, TODAY) - 85% done now
- meropenem vs. imipenem in meningitis DI question (by Friday) - not even started yet
- work on letters of intent (after appointment with adviser on Thursday)
- inspect Sharpe DVDs for damage before packaging them up (by Friday)
- call and thank the dental secretary for finding an appointment for me (WEDNESDAY)
- clean up the ugly mess on and in my desk and on the floor (after Friday, when I will have free time, whatever that is)
- set up flight to DC for January (WEDNESDAY) - first need to check on Orbitz/Expedia etc. which one works best for me
- forward Jen message from IPSF treasurer (after Friday)
- send out WHO internship e-mail to the YahooGroup (Friday)
- work on IPSF stuff when I do receive it (whenever)
- decorate the christmas tree (weekend)
- select and order photos (weekend)

Tags: too tired to live
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