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What's worse than a car accident?

When a car accident causes a routine thought like "I feel I have been through it before...". Anyways, I was in a car accident today. There is a street in Omaha, that 7-9 in the morning is both lanes eastwards, during the evening rush hour 4-6 pm it is both lanes westwards, and other times it is one lane in each direction. Well, at 4:15 as the tired me was going home after a 9-hour work day, someone made a left turn out of the right lane right in front of me. I saw his blinker, I realized what he is going to do, since I have seen morons like that do it before - and I tried to brake and take to the left. The next thing I saw was gray mush in front of me as the airbags have deployed. Then I pushed it off my face, my glasses weren't anywhere to be found. Thankfully, they were merely knocked on the floor and completely undamaged. I was lucky not to have any injuries from the airbag - only the burn mark where it struck my wrist, it's bright red and sting a bit, kind of like a bad sunburn. I put lotion three times on it already, and I will keep at it. Should be healed in a week or so (cuts heal within a day or two on me, but scraped skin takes a couple weeks usually...). I also have a bruise under my left knee from where it hit the steering wheel (being tall and long-legged, I always hit the bone right below my knee if I am in an accident or have to slam on my brakes. Otherwise, I am alive, whole and undamaged. Ditto for the other guy. However, his '77 Mercury has a small dent and a flat tire, whereas the whole front passenger side is demolished on mine, the seat belt is broken and the panel that held it torn off, both airbags deployed, the passenger one smashing my windshield to pieces. I just hope it is not going to be totaled, I cannot really afford a new car... though my dad looked at the Blue Book and he says the compensation would be between 10,000 and 12,000... That's about what I paid for my car almost three years ago, when I got it at a huge discount. So not too terrible, and I have cash, but I have only just developed a real relationship with this car, akin to the one I had with my first car. I don't want him to die and be taken to some ugly junkyard, my little chameleon Nissan.

And I was just going happily home, thinking that I am glad to have 93% (A-) for my rotation, and how much I have to do and how much I have to work today and every day until February... Oh well, what's life without a few problems to spice it up?
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