Anna (hellga) wrote,

Student vs. adult thought process

After talking to some of my professors I have realized just exactly how young and inexperienced and puppy-like I am. Regardless of what I like to think, I do not yet have a grasp on reading between the lines in the corporate world, and approach problems and assignments like a student - meaning, from there to here, just following the assignment directly. The real world requires cunning and going above and beyond. That's the third time in the past year I have realized that I am approaching assignments like your average dumb student... I am trying to revamp my thought process, but after 18 year in the public education systems, my brain is conditioned to do what's necessary to earn a good grade instead of fully answering the question. Sometimes I think I hate the modern educational concept. Thank God for the mentors who are willing to take time to sit down with me and explain what I need to do differently to succeed in the real world.
Tags: i am a moron, real world
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