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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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Am working at home today
I hate the science of alphabet soup. Immunology is full of abbreviations, and it is almost impossible to keep in your head what all these TNF-alpha, TNF-beta, IFN-gamma, IL-1, IL-6, etc.

I am reading a ton of articles on septic shock, and use of hydrocortisone in treatment of septic shock. I need to find a good pharmacokinetic profile of hydrocortisone. The blood concentrations at steady state and immediately after IV injection and try to figure out something. I need to have the rough idea of the experiment by Friday.

It will, hopefully, get me my first publication, but it is going to be hard work, and a lot of it. It would be some much easier to be a lab technician and not a pursuant of a doctorate degree, but tech's life is completely devoid of glory and glamour...
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