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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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(no subject)
It's a gorgeous, 41-degree day (+5 Celsius), sunny and wonderful. It just feels great not to scrape off my car in the morning. The hospital food is atrocious, so I have to fend for myself. Thankfully, everything is so cheap here - I get reverse sticker shock. I swear I spend 1/3 of what I spent in Arizona's White Mountains. I eat lunch at Emily's (I strongly believe in supporting family-owned businesses, especially if they have good food. And their peach pie is to die for) and I cook my dinners and breakfasts and Sunday meals. In this town of 20 churches and 2 bars for 3500 people nothing but churches is open on Sundays. Well, McDonald's might be, but that's hardly different from hospital food, quality-wise. I am fully enjoying the quiet, restful period of my life. When else am I going to be able to wake up on Sunday and not scroll through enormous "to do" list in my head?

On the downside, I got a scary e-mail from my best friend of 11 years that she feels we are loosing our friendship. Yes, it's hard to keep it up when we spent total of several hours together in the past 7.5 years, mostly talking on the phone and sending e-mails (even that is rather monthly than weekly). But still... It pains me that she feels that way, she is one of a handful of people I can tell almost anything. Maybe that was just an emotional overload - she just moved to the Netherlands a couple months ago. I remember the roller coaster I went through when I moved to the US - torn between hating everything and being excited, between trying to start with a clean slate and keeping all old relationships going... Life is not as simple as I like to make it sound.

Regardless, I feel so content and at peace with myself, nothing can break through that abstract happy state. Maybe I was meant to get out of the busy hustle and bustle of the city and into the quiet small town every once in a while.

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Oh, at last you have some relax :) I think it's a good recompence for your hard work.
About friends. Thi is just a life. All is changing - people, relationships, circumstances. And we often have to change ourselves to save if only a bit of the old attitude.

Sounds good and well deserved. :)

A friend feeling like your losing your friendship doesn't necessarily mean you really are. But it's a warning call for sure. Since she's going through so many changes right now, you could try and take the bigger share for keeping in touch for a while. And you have a lot of support to offer for what she's experiencing right now. Maybe she feels like she needs more than what can be conveyed via phone and emails right now, and friendships do change, but childhood bonds can not be overestimated. They're so incredibly valuable.

I hope I don't sound like I'm lecturing, cos I don't mean to. What I'm trying to say is, you don't have to let her slip away. :)

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