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Thanks to everyone for your hugs and support. I really appreciate it. I've talked to my Dad after he visited with his surgeon, and she was absolutely sure it was just a fluid-filled cyst. Those suckers aren't any danger. It grew because his kidneys deformed a little when he was laying on his belly all the time when his back was broken some 10 years ago (my Dad is like a walking surgical encyclopedia, having broken every kind of bone found in a human and a few other surgeries to boot). So he is to take a couple meds and that should go away on its own, or if it doesn't, it is no danger.

So my parents are coming to visit me this weekend. Saturday I think we will walk around town and have dinner at the nicest steakhouse in the area, and then on Sunday drive to see the Sandhills and my mom also wants to see the feedlot - neither she nor I can imagine 100,000 cattle in one place. It's just far too many - however, the way it smells outside today, I do believe the number. But it means that the wind is from the southwest and that means warmth is coming. It has been rather cold lately and I missed my fur-lined boots and fur coat... My car is hit the hardest, it's squeaking so pitifully all the time, yearning for a warm garage to thaw out.
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