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My parents came to visit over the weekend and we drove up to the Sandhills. It's amazing how beautiful they are, and how I lived in Nebraska for 7.5 years thinking that it is an incredibly ugly state. Well, the southeastern part is. The northwestern, on the other hand, is lovely. We are going to come back in late May, when the prairie is in bloom, and drive further into the hills, and maybe even go up to Mount Rushmore (though I don't really care to see it if it takes too much effort). I am not a fan of 13-hour drives in a day.

The owners of the pharmacy where I spent the last month had the farewell dinner for me last night (Ann & Becky had to leave today for Denver for an auction of some kind). It was lovely, and the food was great. It was definitely one of my favorite rotations, with all the people being so nice and fun. I can see why this rotation is so popular. It is hard to believe four weeks are almost up.

My presentation at the Fire Hall was OK. It is virtually impossible to make a good, well-flowing presentation about ALL the psychotropic medications used in children, covering everything from conditions and s symptoms to side effects and forms of abuse into 15 minutes. I managed to squeeze into 20 minutes + good 15 minutes of Q&A. Still, it feels so good to do a presentation for a real audience, who care to hear what you have to say, instead of a stupid presentation that only your preceptor(s) attends, because he has to grade you.

Tomorrow afternoon I will return to Omaha, and get my thoughts organized and see what business I have to take care of since I have been relaxing far away from the world for a month. I don't even want to think about it. The next trips: Kansas City (for the Gem & Mineral Expo) & St. Louis (to visit a cousin) the weekend of March 10&11, and Atlanta (APhA National Meeting) March 16-20. After that and though graduation I should be in Omaha. At least, that's what I think at the moment. I am excited and a little scared that I will finally graduate in May.
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