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More medical posts. Am I cursed?

Spent 4 hours in a hospital emergency room today. My mom called me just as I was having oil changed to say that she feels awful and cannot drive home. I first thought she was having a microstroke, and took her to the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn't. She has been diagnosed with paroxysmal vertigo. An unpleasant, but in most cases manageable condition. Just have meclizine on hand at all times... It's the second or third time she felt that way, just previously it went away sooner and wasn't as severe, and she did not seek medical attention. Probably, if I did not insist she go to the hospital, she still wouldn't have. What is it about seemingly intelligent people grossly ignoring and abusing their health?

Otherwise, it was fun getting to meet all the people at the seminar. One of my classmates brought her baby girl with her, and I didn't even know she had been pregnant! A lot of my classmates have already accepted job offers, some are still looking, a lot are still waiting for the residency - the Match Day is March 22. I am so glad fellowships don't go through Match and I already knew by February 1st.

On the final note, my graduation gown is going to be UGLY. Black, with dark olive stole. I HATE most shades of green, and this is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. And we cannot skip without a permission from the dean and a truly severe set of circumstances. I will have to suffer the indignity of wearing that color.
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