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News Potpourri

1. My dad's HR is going after the sorry looser insurance company and promised to kick their butts.

2. I will be getting $1000 for moving expenses. As my future boss said, "resources are much harder to come by than money" - of course, it's cheaper to pay me off. Not that I am complaining, mind you. That will cover the gas for the two cars going to the East Coast, and a couple nights in the hotel while searching for the apartment, and some food along the way.

3. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the post-Congress tour in Taiwan - it's just not possible time-wise. I have registered for the tour itself, though. It will still be fun - 10 days with some of the world's most energetic and ambitious future pharmacists from all over the world, in an exotic and different culture. Among the workshops, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Calligraphy caught my eye. The Symposium topic - Financing HealthCare - is also great. I shall enjoy it immensely.

4. I love my rotation at the Poison Control Center so far. The people are very nice, and I am learning so much already! It was the Medical Director's birthday today, and I made cheesecake - everyone loved it. Hence, one more group is awed by my amazing cheesecake-baking talent. Bow before me, puny mortals! The lecture on venomous critters was also great.

That's my life so far, it looks like it's back to rosy colors. If only my back didn't hurt with every move from shoveling some 50 square meters of 10-cm deep, heavy wet snow on Sunday...

Here is the latest incarnation of the Hamster-Hellga (taken while I was in Broken Bow, in front of the cafe where I ate quite a few lunches...)
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