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Graduation matters

Well, the banquet yesterday was fun - I haven't seen some people for a while... Today I spent the whole day looking at apartments online and the whole evening shopping. Found a dress and a pair of shoes to match a different dress.

For the hooding tomorrow I will wear a classic black dress with peep-toe black sandals and fake-garnet necklace. And the robes, which do look impressive, stately and doctoral, even if the trimmings are an ugly color.

For the graduation Saturday it shall be the red-and-white cocktail dress (which is so tight around my chest I can barely breathe, and I hope it won't burst in the seams - that would be quite a spectacle...) and red sandals.

I don't think it will quite hit home until I walk across that stage and receive my diploma... the people with whom I have spent the last four years of my life are parting ways, and I won't see most of them for 10 years or even never again...
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