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Well, I am back. I have submitted applications to both places, and I will wait for the replies and then decide.

Also, I went $62 over my budget of $1000 on the trip to New Jersey. That's because of transportation - taxi from the airport to the rental (rather than renting at the airport, which I should have done, since NJ Turnpike is not as bad as they say, and GPS is the best thing ever). And the damage waiver (which I didn't need in the end, but for my peace of mind I decided to get). Oh well.

I know now what I want for my birthday - the GPS system. It's on sale at Best Buy for $350. :)

As far as other issues, getting licensed in New Jersey is going to run me $1000. That's what they told us at school - to budget at least $1000 on licensure fees... I need to go get fingerprinted, too.

Furniture is going to get expensive. Very, very expensive. I will take my bedroom set, and probably the office chair. But I will need:
- dining table and chairs
- new bed
- sofa, and I want a sleeper sofa, for visitor's sake (maybe now that I will be close to New York, guests will come?)
- TV
- TV stand
- desk (with drawers)
- bookcase
I can live without coffee table, end table and that stuff. Still, that will run me several thousand dollars... and I need money for deposit on the apartment, and the first couple months rent, until I start getting the stipend checks. At least, I have been saving for a while, and have a nice sum, so I can afford that.

I am not feeling to stellar - I am hoping it's just the extreme heat outside, not cholinergic toxidrome from pesticides - I have been spraying my mom's plants to kill a remarkably ugly crowd of caterpillars. And don't tell me that a doctorate AND practice in a toxicology center should have taught me to wear gloves when working with a deadly poison. :D
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