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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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Renaissance Faire/Ренессанс-фестиваль
Went to the Renaissance Faire yesterday. Inspite of prognosis, the weather was really nice. Partly cloudy, warm and windy. I always like windy, for whatever reason...

I never shot a bow in my life - but I decided to try, and hit the target 2/5 times. I need to figure out how to point the arrow at goal, and I will improve. Maybe I should take up archery - it's a good exercise... I have a lot more upper body strength than it seems - after all, I barely make the adult blood pressure cuff. The cut-off for pediatric is 22 cm, my arm is 24. :) Also threw some knives. I only made one hit out of ten - but it was right in the center of the ace of diamonds, so I got the sticker saying how dangerous I am. When I was little, I was an expert in throwing rotten strawberries. :D

The performances were nice too, but the best thing was the smell of woodsmoke. It must be something primeval, from the cave-dwelling ancestores, but I love the smell of smoke. Reminds me of when I was sitting in front of the fireplace at my grandma's house, with a cat on my lap, staring at the fire for an hour...

Сходила на посвященный стилизованному средневековью праздник. Раз уж настоящего 14 века, и даже настоящих замков, нету - и это хорошо. Обожаю запах настоящего древесного дыма... и шашлычок (ну почти, в местном варианте - маринованная свининка, а не барбекю, которое ненавижу всеми фибрами души и желудка) на свежем воздухе. Постреляла из лука (попала 2 раза из 5) и побросала ножички - одно попадание из 10, но зато прямо в центр бубнового туза. Надо было им мишень повыше поставить, я все на сантиметр выше мишени кидала... то ли рост у меня высоковат, то ли подсознательно бью на уровень человеческого лица (бью в глаз, не порчу шкурку). Не зря же меня в детстве Анкой-пулеметчицей звали, за талант в кидании гнилой клубники. :)

Еще посмотрела вчера Мисс Вселенная. Разочарована. На первый взгляд японка конечно кукольная, но на второй - отсутсвие мозгов и породы раздражает.

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How very graceful and elven... proficiency with a bow. Wow! Sounds like you had loads of fun. I can see how throwing rotten strawberries in childhood could prepare one for the fine art of knife throwing. ;)

You better keep all the rotten strawberries out of Princess Darry's reach!

Lucky you!! But I remember in my city a few years ago I visited some party, just like this, but that was in winter, indoors and that was a ball, they gave me a suit...we did a little bit of shooting and things like this...oh, I liked it!

And dancing, of course!!

These are quite popular all over North America and in Europe, too. It would be fun to visit a RenFaire at a real castle. On the other hand, nothing spoils the impression of a castle as much as a crowd of tourists. Might be the reason I didn't like Neuschwanstein all that much - too crowded and too rushed.

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