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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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I made a Tolkien quiz. Let me know if you manage to get 300 on it, because I couldn't, and it might be due to a typo. Not that this host allows you to edit the quiz...


Good luck!

P.S. I should warn you that it isn't an easy one.

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I only scored a 189. Am feeling a bit undereducated at the moment. But according to the test results, I am not entirely without hope. ;)

Ooo, I took it again -- agonizing over each question -- and managed to pull out a 196. It says I passed! Yay me. ;)

Hellga, that quiz made me want to cry.:p Of course, I haven't read any HoME (yet!) so I have an excuse.

I got 146. Well, at least I know more than most fangirls...;)

Hellga, that quiz is the best Tolkien quiz I have ever seen. I got a 196, too. What are the right answers?

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