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Computers are evil

Grrrr. It took two months for me to get VPN access and token. So today I brought my work laptop home with me to see whether it will actually work - and of course it doesn't. The frigging thing simply will not connect to the internet, even! And I NEED to have it running on Thursday. As in, the world come crashing down, I still need it. Because my world just MIGHT come crashing down on Thursday. Or Friday. And I am out of the office all day tomorrow and until noon on Friday. Seriously, that's not what I bargained for!

Also, I will be working again this weekend. 2-10pm both Saturday and Sunday, at two different stores. Oh well, my bank account can definitely benefit from that.

P.S. One step forward... at least, a couple intuitive clicks with the mouse got me to connect to the Internet, so I am adding this postscriptum using my WORK laptop. Now, the next step... at least, as a daughter of a man with 40+ years of computer experience, these things should be in my genes...

P.P.S. That's about it. I guess I really need their manuals for settng up Outlook remote and Nortel. Morons. I don't even know where to find those manuals... In any case, I have a feeling I shall be calling Helpdesk tomorrow. My boss said that NO ONE so far was able to connect on their first attempt... figures, that after so many years and thousands of people, the process is still a pain in the butt. And it is one of the biggest and most respected companies in America!
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