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Work again...

Worked in a more upscale area today. Once again, I am convinced that all the evil comes from the Medicaid patients - had hardly any today, and had a very nice day. They are usually whiny entitlement bitches of either sex. I would rather take rich-own the world type of people - I know how to deal with them... I know how to deal with low-income population too, but I don't like the methods I have to use...

And now, tired after two evenings of 8-hour intense work, I remembered that I have a meeting across the state tomorrow morning, so the alert has to go out tonight/early tomorrow morning, which means I have to write it now, and I am already so tired... I have forgotten about the work I took home, and I am about to pay for that. Life sucks in unexpected ways sometimes...
Tags: pharmacy tales, philosophical
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