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While I was away from New Jersey, so many things changed - in just one short week. Finally, the exit from Route 18 is open, saving me a few minutes. Also, it got much colder - I had to turn on the heat in my bedroom for the first time this year. I already had the winter clothes unpacked, though...

While in Vegas, I attended Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. Definitely different than I expected, a lot more sensual in a way... but it was pretty good. I was lucky with my seat, too - second to last row, but dead center, so I could see everything. Overall, I lost some 50 dollars to gambling, maybe a bit more, ate well, and my hotel room cost me well over $1000... I need to submit my reimbursement form on Tuesday! That way I should hopefully get my cheque before Christmas, and can deposit it into my main account when I visit my parents. Three weeks left until I go back. It will be nice to be back and have good food always ready, if only for a few days.

My back aches from lugging heavy bags around, though massage yesterday definitely helped. It's just that I cannot go without my laptop (even though my work one weighs a lot less than my personal one, it's still pretty heavy), and it's a lot of papers to carry when a conference is in town, and it's so hard to resist the freebies at the exhibit. I got a wireless mouse (always wanted one, but never would buy one, as my current one is still fine - and it's over 8 years old!), a small padfolio, a couple engraved pens, an engraved spatula, some other stuff I cannot easily remember...

Как выводится фармацевт разумный? Из фармацевта обычного, путем жесточайшего естественного отбора под давлением толп эгоцентричных лузеров, каковых в аптеках неимоверное количество. Я поняла что я их в гробу видала много лет назад, и с тех пор меня не колышет, когда они бьются в истерике - лишь бы не портили наше имущество (а начнут портить - я позвоню в полицию, и выведут их под белы рученьки куда подальше). Помогать хорошим людям правда все равно гораздо приятнее. Сегодня одному старичку на 20% сумела цену препарата сбить, подписав его на одну скидочную программу - самой приятно. Не люблю, когда хорошие люди за жизненно необходимое им лекарство должны каждый месяц по 300 долларов выкладывать. Хотя вот даже странно думать про него как про старичка, когда он моего папы на три года моложе - просто латиносы, они быстрее стареют...
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