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Work-Travel Balance

I've got a job offer on the table that I think I am going to sign. That means that in 2008 the total vacation I am looking at is 7 days, +2 days personal +2 days floating holidays. Technically, saving the last two for New Years time, and using the other 9 wisely with the Fourth of July holidays and taking a week off without pay (I can certainly afford it financially) I can come up with some three weeks of summer travel. Three weeks is far too short to go as I planned (Netherlands-North Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Finland-St. Petersburg). To save time and use geography wisely, it is far more likely to be either
- Netherlands-maybe Hamburg-Denmark-Sweden-maybe Finland
- Go to Spain instead (at least it is all close by... however, then July would not work as I am not too fond of being baked alive)
- Go to Italy instead (same reasoning as above applies) in which case September would be a good time... except the prices are the highest, and I am not sure about the workload, at least July is definitely going to be slow

These are the areas the highest on my interest list currently.

It's so unfair that when I was a student I had all the time in the world for travel, but I couldn't do more than just a little bit because I had no money. Right now I have enough money to travel for several months - but I cannot because I have no time. I mean, I could reject the job - but they wouldn't wait for me until July, and I cannot even push the start date and use that time to travel because I have two conferences in early May, plus teaching. And I cannot let this job go because there are so few pharma competitive intelligence jobs around, and going to a small company - I wouldn't make it because they do intelligence and analytics all together, and I am not qualified to handle both at this time. And big companies are all either having layoffs or are fully staffed and in any case perfer internal candidates. I cannot risk my future career for one summer's worth of travelling... maybe I will rethink my dreams (since dreams do come true) and decide to become rich enough to afford to take a year off a few years from now and just travel and then resume working. Take a sabbatical, so to say... We will see. I am not quite 25 and the world is open in my hands.
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