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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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How dare they defile my beautiful name!
Someone gave me an idea of searching summaries of LotR for my name and post the horrors. No, just take a look at that:

Anna Maria is a former slave who was rescued and was healing in Rivendell...until something unfortunate happens! Who will save her this time? Will it be Legolas? CHAPTER 23 UP!!! *Rated R for rape, violence, sex, and implied slash*

It had always been Anna Yardely's dream travel the world. Now that that dream has come true, Anna and her best friend Maia are going to discover a whole new set of dreams when Anna meets a stranger on the train to school...

A story three Ainur tell to three silent, but familiar, listeners. Once upon a time there was a maiden, and her name was Anna. But where is she now - that lovely being, whose path took her to the shadow... the darkest shadow. Complete at last!

Something my friend Anna and I thought up a while ago. Somehow we travel to ME and scare/annoy the crap out of the Fellowship, among other peoples and things. I know this has been done, but not with us yet. *grins* note, this is a prologue, ME in chap 2

LegolasOC. Anna isn't your average human, she is a witch. A potion brings her in to ME before the battle of Helms Deep. Does she really belong in ME, and will she fall in love. Chapter 1 and 2 redone. Please R&R

There are more gems *rolls eyes* And 61 search results for "Anna" in summaries of Harry Potter fics gave me shivers. I don't even want to see them.
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I'm sure the rape scenes are really really well written :-p

There are some things I really don't want to know. How badly Suvians can write rape scenes is one of them.

Ugh, isn't it awful?? I was lucky; I only had two. In one I was Hermione's best friend, and here's the other, entitled "To Middle-earth and Beyond 3":

Sequel to :To Middle-earth and Beyond 1 (Who said I couldn't skip a sequel?) Matt hates Legolas and James is the Ring and Theresa is in legue with Saruman.. What could possibly go wrong? Please tell me who your favorite kid is. PLEASE!!!


Reminds me of Strong Bad's "Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque I"

Hellga! I hate you now! Not only do you stalk me, but you also give me really bad ideas! =P

So yeah, I was curious, and I went and looked up my own name. Not a good idea. There actually weren't that many, but it was still frightening.

*gibbers quietly*


Always happy to serve you, dear :p

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