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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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I hate being sick
No, it is obvious that spending up to 14 hours a day between a pharmacy, a hospital and a research lab with all kinds of poisons and toxins I was bound to get sick. So today I am running a 38 degree (102 Farenheit) fever, I am dizzy, and every single bone and muscle in my body hurts. I feel that every step rattles the contents of my skull. Even feelign like that I still spent 6 hours at work. Working with a pathological workaholic like Kelly rubbed off on me.

+ First grade teacher's name: Valentina Nikolaevna. God rest her soul.
+ Last word you said: internet
+ Last song you sang: I don't know. Long ago.
+ Last thing you laughed at: possibly the stories my father told about times he got drunk when he was young
+ Last time you cried: when my mom had that menopausal craze over her a few months ago

+ What's in your CD player: Nightfall in Middle-earth in the laptop, Sting in the car
+ What color socks are you wearing: striped - blue, green, yellow and red.
+ What's under your bed: carpet
+ What time did you wake up today: I got up at 9 but I was sick so I was waking up every hour since 3 am.

+ Where do you want to go: I am going to Russia in two weeks. Next summer I will probably go to England.
+ What is your career going to be: pharmacist. Hopefully, working for a big and evil pharmaceutical company. You know, be a person everyone loves to hate.
+ Where are you going to live: For the next 15 or so years probably in US, then in Europe - Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries - somewhere in that area
+ How many kids do you want: None, at most one.
+ What kind of car will you have: a Buick and/or a Mercedes

+ Current hair: Shiny and pretty and pulled back in a ponytail
+ Current clothes: T-shirt and a skirt
+ Current annoyance: I am sick and feel like something a cat threw up.
+ Current smell: Nothing. My home office is sterile.
+ Current longing: to get healthy again. SOON.
+ Current desktop picture: standart Hewlett-Packard blue background.
+ Current favorite group: don't have one.
+ Current book: God of the Golden Fleece by Fred Saberhagen
+ Current worry: will I feel better by Monday or will I have to skip work
+ Current time: 10:02 pm (22:02)
+ Current wish: to get healthy SOON
+ Current hate: sickness
+ Current favorite article of clothing: none

+ Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: hands and voice
+ One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my best friend. And will get to do it in two weeks.
+ One person you wish was here right now: I don't want to see anyone right now, I feel too miserable.
+ Line from the last thing you wrote to someone: don't remember. But it would be some note I made at work.
+ I am happiest when: everything goes the way I want
+ I feel lonely when: never
+ Do you think too much: Thinking makes my head hurt
+ If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live: I don't know anymore. Austria?
+ Famous person you would like to meet: Sean Bean
+ Do you have any regrets: I should have taken better care of my body when I was younger
+ Favorite coffee: I am a tea person
+ Favorite smell: sun-heated grass; smell of sun-heated fruit garden
+ What really makes you mad: when people are being stupid AND ill-mannered
+ Favorite way to waste time: Sleep, but it isn't a waste of time, it is the greatest thing ever invented. So I will go with Internet.
+ Are you currently in love/lust: No.
+ Last thing you bought for yourself: Lunch at work? Of the non-lunch things, a cream-colored shoes.

+ Do you wear a watch: Yes. I have worn a watch since I was six, and when I forget to wear it (once in half a year or so) I feel restless and keep looking at my wrist.
+ How many coats and jackets do you own: Between 5 and 10, I am not sure.
+ Favorite pants/skirt colour: Black.
+ Most expensive item of clothing: Fur coat.
+ Most treasured: Don't know.

+ Last book you read: Fred Saberhagen, Ariadne's Web
+ Last movie you saw: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
+ Last movie you saw on the big screen: Harry Potter
+ Last phone number you called: a photographer to make an appointment to have my portrait done
+ Last show you watched on TV: News
+ Last song you heard: Sting, The Fields of Gold
+ Last thing you had to drink: a cup of tea
+ Last thing you ate: a peach
+ Last time you showered: This morning.
+ Last time you smiled: At work when I had my picture taken
+ Last person you hugged: Don't remember. I am not a very huggly person.
+ Last thing you said: that I am going to browse Internet for a while, to my dad.
+ Last person you talked to online: no one
+ Last person you talked to on the phone: some person who called in to my pharmacy
+ Last thing you smelled: peach

.....DO YOU.....
+ Smoke: No
+ Do drugs: No. I sell 'em. In a pharmacy, of course.
+ Drink: Yes. But not a lot and not too often.
+ Sleep with stuffed animals: No, and never did.
+ Have a crush: No.

+ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
+ Believe in miracles: Yes. But they only come to you if you work to make them happen.
+ Consider yourself tolerant of others: Depends on others.
+ Consider police a friend or foe: Friend.
+ Like the taste of alcohol: Depends in what drink.
+ Have any piercings: One in each ear. Can't live without my earrings.
+ Have any tattoos: No
+ Hate yourself: Of course not.
+ Wish on stars: No.
+ Like your handwriting: Yes.
+ Have a second family: No.
+ Trust others easily: No.
+ Kiss with your eyes closed: yes, sometimes
+ Sing in the shower: No.
+ Have a theme song for yourself: No

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