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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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I have one problem with Amsterdam (besides throngs of tourists, of course). This city is so small, I constantly kept running by my intended destinations and had to retrace my steps.

Golden rule of travelling Anna's style #22: if your feet feel completely dead and you think you physically cannot make another step, it merely means that you cannot last more than another 4-5 km or another couple hours on them.

Besides having wa1ked all over Amsterdam, I visited the Rijksmuseum, the Diamond museum (very interesting), the expo about the Oranje dinasty at the city museum, and the Anne Frank house. Also took the cruse along the channels. And had a very good argentinian steak for dinner.

Overall, I think three days is enough to experience Amsterdam, though I only had two. I mean, there is enough to do for a week, but two is OK. I am still thinking of going to the Het Loo palace on Wednesday, but Utrecht looks interesting too, and the Hague. And tomorrow I am meeting with our very own Eowyn Unquendor in Deft. Maybe I can fit in a bit of the Hague tomorrow as well.

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You just can't wait, can you? :P

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With so many people living vicariously through me at t e moment (and that's way more than ten), I am not sure there is room for me in the equation. ;)

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I have to, for all of you poor Yank slaves. :p

Actually, right behind the Palace. the place is called La Boca.

Anya, if you see Ruud Van Nistelrooy, coulld you please FedEx him here for me?

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You are indeed correct. You know I prefer blonds. :p

Met anyone cute out there? What are men like in Amsterdam? ;)

The abundance of tall blond ones is encouraging. However, the number of obviously non- European ones is not. :p

Who are non-European ones? Japanese? :)

Easier to say who they aren't...

Wow. Any Russians? Hot Italians?

Hey, Russians and Italians are Europeans! But yes i there are plenty of Russians (my avoidance technique is getting a workout), but the most common breed of tourist is Spanish around here.

Of course they are! I don't question that. :) Spaniards love the Netherlands, eh... I was pretty darn sure the most common breed would be oriental.

М, гламурненько - аргентинский стейк в Амстердаме:) А из местной кухни?

Blinchiki. Seledki ne popadajutsja chego-to.

Не, ну нифига себе! Русскую кухню присвоили. Еще бы драники включили, тогда совсем кранты :D

Bliny u mnogih kul'tur est', I v kazhdoj svoi. Gollandskie - oni drugie chem nashi. No tozhe vkusno.

Hi, I'm a friend of Eowyn's, just curious whom she went to Delft with.

You could probably do Paleis het Loo and Utrecht in the same day. Though I have my doubts about het Loo. It's not that spectacular. Not Versailles or anything. But I don't know what else you have seen or will see here. Utrecht is a nice, very lively, city. The Hague is more stately, which isn't strange since the seat of the government is there. That also means that in The Hague there are greater contrasts between neighbourhoods, some extremely rich, others pretty poor. Utrecht is more like Amsterdam but less hectic, possibly friendlier.

And since I live in Amsterdam I have to disagree, it's 'worth' more than two days! Something really pretty is Museum Het Schip. The photo museum is pretty good too though I don't know what exposition they have now. Oh, and did you cast a glance inside the Tuschinski movie theater?

I just happen to like castles and palaces, and I will encounter far fewer of either on this trip than on my previous ones...

As far as Amsterdam is concerned, of course there is enough here to fill a couple week's worth - that's true of any major city, but to get the feel for it - two days is OK. :)

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