Anna (hellga) wrote,

Today was the last day of the Amsterdam leg of my journey. The day started out splendidly. The ticket machine at the train station finally accepted my credit card, so I did not have to wait in the long line to buy ticket to Apeldoorn. The train ride went well, I had a nice compartment to myself, but things started downhill from there. The bus did not let me out at the stop I needed (and I did push the Stop button! it even flashed "Stop requested") but the next one instead, so I had to walk even further. It was all in the shade, though. and the houses were interesting, so it was not bad. Then I walked through the beautiful old park towards the palace. I think they aren't very used to tourists at either Het Loo itself or Apeldoorn. Many people barely spoke English and seemed genuinely surprised to see me. I loved the palace - I knew very little about the Oranjes, and I learned quite a bit. But then again, few people like history of monarchies and dinasties as much as I do. The garden is underwhelming, but well compensated for by the park surrounding the grounds.)

After Apeldoorn I decided to make a stop in Amersfoort since I would need to change trains there anyway or wait 50 minutes for a direct one. The old part of town is really charming, but I missed the climb to the old church tower by just three minutes... That was also the only place I saw the herring served, but I wanted to get back to Amsterdadem early in order to see the torture museum. However, it was so hot and humid, that I decided I needed a shower first. And then I wanted to relax a little in the cool room, and started to read a book on this very PDA... Ended up feeling too lazy and not going anywhere.

Off to Nijmegen tomorrow.
Tags: travels
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