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"Я все равно ни о чем не жалею – хотя бы потому, что это бессмысленно…" Цитатник увиденный в посте у Наташи выдал мне вот что - а я ведь с этим принципом в обнимку и живу последние лет десять...

So, I am in Stockholm as of yesterday. This city started out as driving me nuts - nothing was open, bankomats were broken or "off" (how can they be off, anyways?), and signs bewildering, but having spent the day wandering around, I am slowly falling in love with it. The city is very beautiful, and the people are very nice, and it has a nice feel to it... Such a pity taxes in Sweden are horrendous, otherwise I would have considered coming here for a year or two. Oh well, I can enjoy it as a visitor.

I would have seen more today had I not spent so much time in two historical museums. One had the tableware and shoes (a whole section devoted to history of shoes from 1700s to today! how can one NOT be fascinated and not spend an hour there? It's amazing how the styles just come in circles, too, and some today's shoes are distinguished from those 3000 years old only by the degree of wear...), the other had all kinds of Viking and Medieval things. I am such a freak that if I am allowed into a historical or ethnographic museum I loose the sense of time. But still had ample time to wander around the city, eat, and take the boat tour.

Plans for the next two days: Uppsala & Sigtuna (one day), and Gamla Stan with the visit to the Castle and Drottingholm Castle (the other day). Also meet with Dis of CoE one evening... unfortunately, I seem to have no luck with the Swedish SIM cards, unlike the Dutch.

Or maybe it's Stockholm being as weird towards me as yesterday. It must not have wanted me. Even the ticket to Stockholm I had for the very last, 16th car. On the other hand, I sat next to an old German man, and it was interesting to talk about World War II, and Nazis with someone old enough to remember them who was on the other side. Very interesting.
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