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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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Got to Turku
Yesterday I had a really nice day in Uppsala, polished off with the afternoon/evening in Gamla Uppsala, when Viking past came alive for me. I walked along the 6th century mounds, and there was thunder in the clear sky (must be a welcome from Thor) and two ravents (accordingly, from Odin), and lots and lots of raspberries in the forest. Also wild strawberries, but not many... interestingly, when I said "thanks for raspberries, but if only you had wild strawberries too..." - and at the next turn there they were, as if the forest got offended that I dared to think it did not have wild strawberries... I have no idea who would be responsible for that among Norse gods, but I got into the spirit of the surroundings, and made a little wreath out of grass just in case and threw there as a thank you. I walked from there back to Uppsala, with all the scenic detours and stopping to read about the finds in the mounts, and resting to tan a little and eating all those rasperries took me about 3 hours for the 7 or so kilometers.

Today I got up really early as the boat was leaving at 7am. I had a nice little cabin on the 10th deck, and I am glad I splurged on that as I had a nice nap before lunch (almost slept through the lunch, but my student past is recent enough that I can eat quickly!). The views were nice, but really all the same all the way - water, little islands, little boats... it was a bit too cold to really try to get some tanning time, I stuck with the long sleeves and jeans... Among interesting food observations: apparently, cruise (even a ferry cruise) going public really likes to eat, and will try to eat ungodly amounts of everything that doesn't resist being eaten (like that really tough beef did! I could barely chew through that, and my jaws are hardly weak). Also, there was smoked salmon served at breakfast, among more usual things. Must be a Finnish thing... I like fish, but not for breakfast!

Just three days left for me, really. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. And Thursday morning I must go back to the US. I must have been a horrible person in my previous life, like betraying my best friend and torturing a thousand people in particularly gruesome ways to have to spend my life working insane hours in a rather boring and ugly part of the world... Well, that's still a few days away, and now I must decide whether I want a supper or not. :)