January 11th, 2004


The last day of freedom

The sensation of being in control. The elation of being free. The joy of sleeping late. All these things are equally beautiful and equally fleeting. Yes, tomorrow marks the day when the most dreaded happens. The classes resume.

Not that I am not used to it, mind you. I have been in school for the last 14.5 years and probably will continue hiding from the real world behind the thick walls of academia for another six or seven years... Yet every single time, the last evening of a break is the time when I allow myself to indulge in self-pity and nostalgy overtakes my mind completely.

It is not that I don't like school - on the opposite, I am excited about immunology and microbiology, and compounding lab should be fun. Even better, I will see my friends again, and we will resume those great hourlong chats in cafeteria... And I can get that delicious cherry cheesecake, with extra-large portion of whipped cream, as often as I can afford. Having a large hospital with some world-class programs translates into good cafeteria, it is one of the unexpected perks of becoming a pharmacy student.

Anyway, while I have a lot of great things to look forward to, there is one thing I definitely have to forget about for the next four months, the one thing I love and cherish the most. Sleeping for nine or more hours a night. From now on, I will be lucky to get six hours of sleep.

I hope my professors don't mind that I fall asleep during the lectures - after all, I sit in the first row, and they have to see that I am struggling to remain consciuos. I fail every time. Every semester, I promise myself that I will be organized, responsible, will study in advance and go to bed early. It never happens. Lately, I did study in advance a little - maybe I am maturing, but to be completely honest, I am becoming too old to pull an all-nighter.

My heart goes out to all the students out there. May the spirit of Luck find you. Amen.
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