April 20th, 2004


Sues and Grelvish from a pharmacist's perspective

Sues and Grelvish go together like mortar and pestle. To linguists among the PPC (points at Agent Lambda) Grelvish may seem like gibberish, made up specifically to annoy them. However, I can prove that there is internal logic in the Sues' usage of Grelvish, even if the perpetrators themselves are not aware of the fact.

Take, for example, the word melamin that is used so frequently to mean "my love/my beloved". Let's analyze it from a pharmacist's perspective.

Melamin - "mel" likely refers to melatonin, a chemical that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in humans (and presumably Elves, since their physiology is quite similar to humans), its increased production makes people fall asleep. Alternative interpretation would be that "mel" in fact, has to deal with cholinergic agonists, used in treatment of Alzheimer's disease. "Amin" can be interprested as either a derivation from ermin - growth factor (Ionamin <- Phentermine analogue) or as an erroneous spelling of "amine". A lot of the amines on the market deal with treatment of depression and attention deficit disorder, since amines in the body frequently play the role of neurotransmitters (ex. dopamine).

As a result of combination of the elements, "Melamin" can be interpreted in the following ways:
- an anti-insomnia (hypnotic) agent
- an agent interfering with memory

Considering that the Canon Characters which call Sues "melamin" usually display both effects, such as being completely out of character, indicating significant memory loss and replacement while their true personality is sound asleep we have to conclude that Melamin should be interpreted in both ways.