April 24th, 2004


A collection of random thoughts

Updating too much, are we, precious?

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On a lighter note, today I was driving to work, and hearing something about North Korea on radio made me think (I rarely think unless required to do so - thinking makes my head hurt). See, Kim Jong-il was born in the Far East of the Soviet Union during World War II, when his father was serving in the Soviet Army, and his name in Russian was "Yura" (pronounced YOO-rah). Yura is a form of Yurij, a name which etymologically is a form of Georgij (pronounced Gheh-O-rghij), which, as is probably rather obvious, a name corresponding to English "George". So, do we have a George vs. George thing coming? (Yes, this is a rhetorical question. No, I don't want it answered)

A self-plug in the end - a poem about Maedhros