August 24th, 2004


First Impressions & a survey

I think I liked the first days of the new semester. The first impressions are as follows:

The Good
- it is still possible to park on campus
- they finally fixed the climate control so rooms are no longer freezing your very bone marrow
- my total cost of books for the semester is still under $350, which probably won't last long (since we can expect to buy several med chem books during the semester, and test packets are not on sale yet).
- I love my basic pathology book. Such an easy read :) It is baby Robbins, if you know them.
- I love the leather reclining chairs in the pharmacology auditorium - that building was just finished last November, everything is brand new, and there is enough elbow room

Which brings us to The Bad

- the room for Biology of Disease is one of the oldest on campus, and it is so cramped you can't move an inch in your seat. It is chock-full of people and not very comfortable.
- it is physically impossible to make the treck between COP and DRC in just 10 minutes we have between classes. It sucks.
- pharmacology is starting to scare me.

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