August 25th, 2004


I am finally getting a taste of professional education

I am assigned to read around 30 pages for EVERY class EVERY day. Add the facts that
- I have five classes, worth total of 21 credit hours
- one of them is foreign language, one is pharmacology and one is pathology, all notoriously time-consuming
- I am a member of two professional organizations, and attend meetings
- I regularly volunteer at the student clinic
- I hold TWO jobs
- and spend about 2 hours a day commuting

The result is one very tired Hellga who tries to keep up with her studies but falls asleep everywhere as a result. I need to find energy to go through the semester, after which I will either become a responsible student and an expert in time management OR I will realize that even this unhuman workload isn't enough to stretch my abilities, and will conquer the world. Either is a good outcome, assuming the load doesn't kill me first.

Tomorrow I am going to drink for the beginning of the semester. The whole school is going drinking. Health professionals... *rolls eyes*
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