October 4th, 2004


A long meme

I haven't updated in a while.  I am still in the "amoeba" phase, meaning, I don't have energy and not even desire to care about anything.  I guess it is my traditional autumn depression.

The fact that my grandmother's younger brother, whom I knew pretty well, hanged himself last Monday - we just learned about it on Sunday.  He had end-stage pancreatic cancer with metastases in the stomach, spleen and kidneys.  He was hurting all over and virtually couldn't eat.  So he opted out, and I completely support the decision.  The only regret is that such a good person had to die in such a painful way.  It's horrible that a civilized country wouldn't offer a person a chance to die with dignity.  THings like that make me an even stronger supporter of euthanasia.  The thing that horrifies me is what his daughter must have felt when she opened the door and saw her father's body.  I would have screamed until my lungs would come out in bloody pulp...

I have a ton of exams, too.  And since I have no energy to study I don't do too well, either.  Which, in turns, makes me even more disappointed. 

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